Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to Soy Sauce

This is my blog. It is called Soy Sauce Stories. I am hoping it will become a place where I can publish stories about the lives of Melbourne’s ever growing Chinese international student community. You might be wondering why I am interested in this community. There are several answers to this question.

Firstly, I study Chinese and it is a great opportunity to speak with people in a language that I love learning. I hope to eventually post in both Chinese and English so that students, their family and friends can read about each other in their first language. Also it will give me a chance to practise my writing skills.

Secondly, I lived and worked in China for around two years beginning in 2005. I lived in Guangzhou and rate my time there as probably the best period in my life. I was astounded by the unbelievable hospitality I received in that city and everywhere I travelled in China. I made life-long friends whilst living there with my girlfriend and I hope to go back and live there in the future.

Finally, I teach English in Melbourne. As a teacher I have met hundreds of foreign students. I am always interested in what has brought them to Australia to further their studies. Also, I am very curious about how they are finding it here in Melbourne. Have they made any friends? Have they found places they enjoy hanging out? What is their favourite restaurant? Are there aspects of the culture they don’t really understand? Do they feel safe? Will they stay?

I hope this blog will be a way to both explore these and other questions, and to share the answers.

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Sarah said...

Benjamin! That is great what you are doing! I look forward to reading more! I was also taken in by China! I lived in Japan for 15 years and these last 2 years have been to China twice and am thinking of going to live there now!