Tuesday, January 27, 2009

City of Melbourne welcome to international students

With university about to kick off for 2009, City of Melbourne is planning a big event to welcome international students. To be held in Federation Square on Sunday the 1st of March, this free event will feature an array of cultural dance performances, roving performers, international food and information stalls as well as live crocodile feeding on the main stage. The organizing committee for the event itself is made up of local students working alongside current and recently graduated international students from around the world, including China. The event should be a great way for people from all over the city to experience the myriad of cultures international students bring to our city.

I personally believe that events like this are a step in the right direction. Melbourne needs more special events that recognize the contribution made by international students to life in Melbourne, not only culturally but also economically. For Melbourne to be able to retain its reputation as a great place for international students to pursue their studies, all levels of government need to do more to ensure that international students feel appreciated in their new city. Days like this should not only symbolize that appreciation, but also provide real opportunities for connections to be established between the local student community and international students. I look forward to hearing more about the day and will keep Soy Sauce readers updated as news comes to hand.

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