Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everywhere you go, you always take the weather

I was Neil's English teacher when he first arrived in Australia to complete a bridging course before entering his Masters at Monash University. Amongst other things, I remember his love of astronomy and the fact that as a boy, he made his own telescopes in order to gaze at the stars. I hadn't ever met anyone who had done that before and it struck me as fascinating.

My name is Neil and I come from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of northwest China and I have been in Australia for about ten months. I live with my uncle’s family at the moment in Hallam. Before I came to Australia, I studied at Chengdu University of Technology of Sichuan Province and majored in Geology. After my graduation, I worked in the E-commerce department of a children’s clothing company.

I think the top three reasons why students leave China to study include the fact that some developed countries still have a higher level of tertiary education than China does. Secondly, the diploma or certificate from a developed country may make it easy to find a better job in China. Thirdly, many students go abroad to study for the sake of emigration.

As for why students don't make it overseas, well firstly living costs and tuition fees are very expensive and not every family or individual can afford it. Secondly, their English level mightn't meet the requirements of the overseas college or the immigration department. Finally, their previous academic performance might not be enough to meet the demands of the overseas tertiary institution.

I chose to study in Australia for several reasons, including the fact that I have many relatives living in Melbourne. I also love the climate, weather and environment in Australia. Also, it was easier for me to apply for a course in an Australian university than in an American or a British one.

I think most Chinese overseas students are generally satisfied with their educational experience in Melbourne. The biggest complaint I think is that the number of Chinese and Indian students is just too big.

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